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07.07.2017 18:14

New projects on development of agriculture

New projects on development of agriculture President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the “Gold Fresh Fruits” LLC in Turakurgan district, where he became acquainted with projects on development of agriculture.

Special attention paid to the development of agriculture in our country, including livestock, poultry and horticulture, and implementation of new projects in these sectors contributes to an increase in the volume of food production and ensure well-being of the population.

An intensive garden with an area of ​​482 hectares is organized in the “Gold Fresh Fruits” LLC in Turakurgan district. The enterprise, which employs more than 300 people, harvests seedlings of cherry, plum, peach, persimmon and apricot. It is planned to create a cherry orchard on 104 hectares.

It is planned to create cherry orchards of more than 400 hectares in the territory of the enterprise until the end of 2018. 45 million dollars will be allocated for these purposes. Over 10 thousand tons of harvest will be grown here each year and products for 30 million dollars will be exported. The enterprise intends to establish a logistics center of 6,5 hectares, which will handle processing, storage and packaging of fruit and vegetable products. As a result, it will be possible to create 300 new workplaces.

The People’s Bank is implementing a number of projects in accordance with the resolutions of the First President of our country “On measures of further reforming and development of agriculture in 2016-2020” of December 29, 2015 and “On additional measures of expanding food production and saturating the domestic market” of January 26, 2009.

Among them, there are a livestock complex, organized with the financial assistance of the bank, for 2 thousand head of cattle and a milk processing enterprise in Turakurgan district. The complex with a project cost of 11,8 billion sums will occupy 510 hectares, of which 500 hectares will be allocated for growing fodder crops.

In the complex, it is planned to prepare 4 280 tons of milk and 150 tons of meat each year. The project will be completed in the third quarter of 2018.

Presentation of projects was held on construction of a greenhouse with an area of ​​10 hectares and a tomato paste plant in “Muhammadali hamkor biznes” LLC in Uchkurgan district, greenhouses and capacities for storage and processing of agricultural products in LLC “Jahon javohiri invest” in the city of Namangan and “Namangan agro logistic” in Pop district.

The President of our country noted that it is necessary to produce agricultural products using high technologies, develop horticulture, create cherry plantations, cultivate early-ripening and high-yield varieties of sweet cherry.

Umar Asrorov, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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