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02.11.2018 21:15:25

Need for additional teaching staff exceeds 3 thousand people

At the meeting on further development of public education system, the slowness in the work on automation of the educational process in the system, introduction of electronic form of services for enrollment and transfer of students, organization of private schools on the basis of public-private partnership was noted. Necessary measures in this direction were discussed.

It was noted that at present the level of knowledge and qualification of school teachers in general does not meet the requirements. 65 thousand workers in the system out of more than 422 thousand teachers have special secondary education. The number of teachers of the highest category is only 11 thousand.

The real need for additional teaching staff exceeds 3 thousand people. In particular, there are not enough teachers of English, Russian language and literature, primary classes, computer science, and mathematics.

In this regard, the Ministry of Public Education, the Center for Secondary Special and Vocational Education, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations have been instructed to develop comprehensive measures for filling vacancies, supporting, encouraging and raising the qualifications of teachers ready to work in remote areas.

Issue of improving the quality of educational and methodical literature and textbooks is also relevant. Two months have passed since the beginning of the school year, despite this the schools have not received 33 thousand textbooks for the 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made in textbooks.

On this basis, instructions were given on ensuring the solution of issues in this direction.