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06.06.2018 02:28

Managers and responsible persons of markets are engaged in extortion

At the meeting that was held on June 5 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the need for ensuring the receipt of 772 billion sums to the budget through compulsory debts collection, sale of property converted to state revenue, as well as establishment of systematic activity on strengthening control in this direction was noted.

The economic indicators achieved in the country over the past five months were critically analyzed. Inflation for this period amounted to 6.6 percent and did not exceed the forecast, but the rise in prices amounted to 7.4 percent in Tashkent, 7.3 percent in Andijan region, and 7.1 percent in Karakalpakstan. The reasons for this were indicated, deficiencies in management were noted.

As it is known, today special attention in the regions is paid to a significant increase in harvesting of fruit and vegetable, livestock, poultry, fish products and honey. For this purpose, entrepreneurs and farmers are provided with necessary amount of loans, land for fodder preparation, all necessary benefits are provided. However, unfortunately, concrete practical results from this attention given at the state level are not felt. This, in turn, negatively affects the preservation of price stability in the domestic market.

At the meeting, the main reasons for the rise in price of meat in the markets were considered in detail. Among them is the lack of feed, meal and husk, the fact that livestock feed is sold much more expensive than the established prices was criticized.

Unfortunately, there is non-observance of trading culture, violation of criteria and requirements in this sphere, which is also a serious reason for artificial overstating of prices in the markets. Instead of preventing such facts, managers and responsible persons of markets themselves are engaged in extortion.

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