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01.06.2018 20:47

Landscaped makhallas – the beauty of the country

Landscaped makhallas – the beauty of the country The Head of the state visited “Tirsakobod” makhalla of Chilanzar district, where he got acquainted with the ongoing landscaping activities.

Improvement of any city or district begins with improvement of a makhalla. The latter directly includes creation of conditions for effective work of citizens’ gathering of a makhalla, its commissions, prevention inspectors, workers of “Makhalla posboni” structure and others.

There are 9 apartment buildings and 864 households on the territory of “Tirsakobod” makhalla, more than 5,2 thousand people live here.

Landscaping activity is carried out in the makhalla in accordance with the Decree of the President of the country “On measures for further improvement of the makhalla institute” of February 3, 2017.

“Sherobod building” LLC in the makhalla center erects a tea house, a bakery, a beauty salon, stores, sports and children's playgrounds, due to which the makhalla will become even more modern, amenities for residents will be created.

According to “Obod makhalla” program, construction of offices for the chairman of the makhalla, his advisers, secretary, prevention inspector, recreation rooms for senior citizens, library, children's playground, sports complex, installation of fountains, small architectural forms, benches, street lighting equipment is actively continuing.

The Head of the state held a conversation with the makhalla’s activists. The President gave instructions to responsible persons on construction of modern makhalla centers in all districts of the capital and the country, conduction of constant dialogue with the population, ensuring their peaceful and prosperous life.

Umar Asrorov, UzA
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