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04.06.2017 16:05

294 further families will be provided with homes

294 further families will be provided with homes President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited the construction site of multi-storey apartment buildings in the town of Andijon.

In accordance with a Presidential resolution dated 22 November 2016, 37 modern multi-storey apartment houses are to be built in the town of Andijon. Specifically, 7 multi-storey apartment houses will be built in the Sulton Jora neighbourhood this year. 2.46 hectares of land has been allocated for these apartment buildings which will contain 294 apartments. Today the constriction work is in progress.

These apartments will be allocated first of all to people who really need them. Conditions will be created for young families to stand on their own two feet and to live independently and freely.

The President gave proper instructions on building more such apartment houses, developing the infrastructure, turning this place into a residential area and presenting it to people on the 26th anniversary of the country’s independence and also on creating all the necessary conveniences for the people.

There were presentations of such projects as the construction of a sports complex in the town of Andijon, the creation of a Muhammad Yusuf school and a new park and the renovation of medical facilities.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized the importance of creating in the town of Andijon branches of the republican specialized cardiology centre and the republican specialized endocrinology scientific-practical medical centre and of renovating the clinic of Andijon’s state medical institute and also the importance of the provision of modern medical equipment for people’s health.

Instructions were given to relevant officials on the timely implementation of these noble tasks.

Anvar Samadov, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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