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27.12.2009 22:55

Elections held successfully

At 8 pm Sunday, voting at elections of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and local councils completed at all polling stations in Uzbekistan.

According to preliminary data, about 15,108,950 voters or 87.8% of all registered voters participated in the elections.

Thus, in accordance with the article 44 of the Law on Elections to Oliy Majlis, the elections of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber are considered valid, chairman of the Central Election Commission Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalomov said at a 10.30 pm briefing.

He also said the Ecological Movement completed its conference, where 15 deputies were elected by secret ballot for the seats in the lower house of the parliament. Currently, the votes are being counted.

The elections to the Legislative Chamber were held with observance of all democratic norms and principles, outlined in the Constitution and in the election laws, the CEC chairman said.

No information on violations of the election legislation was received during the election day, he noted.

At present, votes are being counted for each candidate to deputies of the lower house separately, in accordance with article 42 of the law on parliamentary elections.

As reported earlier, more than 270 observers from 36 foreign states and 4 international organizations (including OSCE ODIHR – 13 observers, CIS Executive Committee – 84, SCO – 5 and OIC – 7) are monitoring the election process.

Besides, over 30,000 observers and 30,000 authorized representatives of the political parties are participating in the elections. In compliance with the law, the authorized representatives are participating in the vote counting process at polling stations.

The head of the Central Election Commission informed journalists that the preliminary results of the elections of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber will be announced at a press conference on Monday evening.

UzA, Anna Ivanova
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