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10.08.2018 00:09

Draft law providing for effective mechanisms of accountability for territories pollution to be developed

At the meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on August 9, the need was noted for introducing a unified management system for effective organization of financial and economic activities of “Toza hudud” (Clean zone) enterprises. To this end, the leadership of the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection should make proposal on organization of a separate centralized structure on ensuring effective operation of “Toza hudud” enterprises within the committee. This structure will deal with issues of proper use of landfills and equipment, electronic monitoring of special equipment movement on the established routes, correct calculation of revenues from services.

The need was noted for further improvement of another system responsible for ensuring cleanliness of territories, the improvement departments at khokimiyats.

Equipment of “Toza hudud” enterprises is involved because of unsatisfactory material and technical base for improvement and construction activities. This situation has a negative impact on the main activities of “Toza hudud” enterprises, leads to premature failure of equipment.

In general, the methodological support of the sphere of landscaping and improvement of material and technical base, which was inherited from the last century, is not paid attention.

In this regard, responsible persons were instructed to analyze activities and problems of improvement agencies within two months, to make proposals for fundamental improvement, introduction of a new management system, revision of the methodological framework, training and introduction of public-private partnership.

Another important issue is that the culture of collecting waste in specially designated places, maintaining cleanliness in the territory, in a makhalla has not yet been fully formed in society. In this regard, the need was noted for developing a draft law that provides for effective mechanisms of accountability for pollution of territories.

At the meeting, information of responsible persons was heard, relevant instructions were given.

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