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18.04.2018 00:34

1.1 million residential properties of Uzbekistan are not included in the taxable base

1.1 million residential properties of Uzbekistan are not included in the taxable base At the meeting devoted to improvement of the settlement system in the economic sectors, it was noted that to date, there are no cadastral documentation in more than 1.1 million residential properties, and these properties are not included in the taxable base.

As of April 1 of the current year, a high tax debt remains to the extrabudgetary trust funds.

In turn, in the period of 2015-2017, the budget and extrabudgetary trust funds lost 49.2 billion sums as a result of unjustified provision of tax benefits. In addition, goods worth 90.5 million dollars are stored in customs warehouses for more than 3 years.

The true reasons for the emergence of arrears are the lack of consideration of specific indicators of production and sales of products in the economic sectors, the lack of electronic interaction and information exchange between government departments, the inadequate orderliness of the tax and customs control system, the ineffectiveness of the debt collection system, insufficiency of the defined measures in this sphere for strict compliance payment discipline by officials and citizens.

The Head of the state gave instructions to Deputy Prime Ministers, heads of relevant ministries and departments on improving the system of mutual settlements in the sectors of the economy, reducing receivables, payables and debts to the budget, introducing a system for comparing the state of debt between tax, banking, service and other organizations at the district, regional and republican level by the end of each month, monthly critical analysis of the state of arrears on the results of verifications in the complexes of the Cabinet of Ministers, acceleration of work on establishment of interagency electronic interaction and exchange of information.

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