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17.04.2018 10:14

Winners of the Olympiad will attend international competitions

The results of the final stage of the Innovative Olympiad, held for the first time in Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Public Education on April 13-15 this year, are announced.

The Olympiad, which promote healthy competition among gifted students, strengthen their friendship, develop intellectual abilities, demonstrate knowledge in various subjects, was held in the spirit of openness and objectivity.

The Olympiad was held in four stages, participants who scored more than 86 points out of 100 in the third territorial stage took part in the republican stage. Tests were conducted in an electronic form.

516 students competed in the final stage of the Innovative Olympiad, held in such subjects as fine arts, physics, mathematics, history of Uzbekistan, computer science and information technologies, biology and chemistry.

Winners of the Olympiad in the future will defend the honor of the country at subject Olympiads of international level.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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