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26.08.2018 12:37

School principals became familiar with Singapore’s experience

School principals became familiar with Singapore’s experience
On August 25, Inha University in Tashkent (IUT) hosted a meeting of Mr. Mike Thiruman, the Secretary-General of the Teachers’ Union of Singapore and the CEO of the international consulting company EduCare, with principals of secondary schools, as well as heads of non-state educational institutions in Tashkent.

Mike Thiruman is one of the leading voices of education in Singapore, with a strong belief in the fundamental role of teachers to develop a successful education system. He has more than 20 years’ experience in education research, teaching, curriculum development, educational project management and professional development.

Mike Thiruman is in Uzbekistan at the invitation of the Association of Non-Governmental Educational Institutions.

During his presentation on “Educating for the 21st century: the Singapore experience”, Mr. Thiruman spoke about the reforms of Singapore in the field of education to achieve the highest indicators of secondary schools. Speaking about the successful experience of Singapore schools, Mr. Thiruman has repeatedly stressed the significant role of teachers in developing a quality education system. Singapore invests huge funds and resources in experienced teachers of schools that meet the requirements for quality of education, in order to raise the reputation and status of teaching, as well as attracting the best graduates of the universities.

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