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15.02.2017 09:19

Practice and experience are guarantees of success

The winners of “The best foreign language teacher of the year” contest conducted by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan have had their qualifications upgraded at prestigious higher education institutions of Great Britain.

In Uzbekistan, special attention is paid not only to teaching the younger generation modern professions but also to their deep learning of foreign languages.

A resolution dated 10 December 2012 of the country’s First President Islam Karimov “On measures to further improve the system of learning foreign languages” serves as an important guidance document for further expanding the ranks of young men and girls who are proficient in foreign languages and increasing their interest in getting education at the international level.

With the help of role-playing games, Uzbek teachers increased their knowledge and experience, working in small groups during language sessions, using communication methods in education and holding foreign-language conversations.

These English language teachers from Uzbekistan visited Glasgow’s academy and gave presentations about their country’s life.

At the conclusion of the qualification upgrade course, international certificates were given to the teachers from Uzbekistan.

Azima Qiyosova, UzA
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