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PIIMA schools ready for new academic year

PIIMA schools ready for new academic year
The staff of the Department of Selection and Professional Development of Teachers of the Agency for the Development of Presidential, Creative and Specialized Schools (PIIMA) held a virtual workshop for directors of Presidential, Creative and Specialized Schools and their deputies.

The strategy and form of personnel management in preparation for the new academic year, as well as the issue of personnel selection and ensuring sanitary-epidemiological rules in education institutions were discussed. Detailed information was provided about sanitary rules and regulations developed by the State Inspectorate of Sanitary-Epidemiological Surveillance under the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Health.

Based on the epidemiological situation in the country, constant monitoring of the health of staff in schools and strict compliance with sanitary-epidemiological and functional requirements, as well as responsibility of technical personnel was established.

Issues related to distribution of training hours among teaching staff of schools were discussed.

The state organizations have developed several scenarios for starting the new academic year. The final conclusion on the organization of the new academic year will be announced by the decision of the Republican Special Commission.

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