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23.12.2016 09:40

On the basis of interactive methods

On the basis of interactive methods At general education school No 193 in Uchtepa district of the city of Tashkent, 1 thousand 525 boys and girls study in modern conditions.

At the educational establishment, broad possibilities have been created for pupils to acquire knowledge thoroughly, to engage in sport and to augment their mastery in clubs.

“The introduction of new teaching technologies and interactive methods into the system of education is of important significance to raising the quality and effectiveness of teaching. Teaching staff here try to conduct every lesson with the wide use of visual aids and innovative technologies and also unorthodox methods. For instance, during today’s “World Around Us” lesson, first grade pupils made a journey to the world of animals through a theatrical fairy tale and acquired deep knowledge about animals,” says a teacher of initial classes, Gulchehra Botirova.

Photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA
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