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15.05.2019 23:57:38

Meeting with the delegation of Israel

The Ministry of Innovative Development hosted a meeting with the delegation of Israel.

The delegation included professors of Holon Institute of Technology. A number of issues related to implementation of research, development, improvement of agriculture, water management, exchange of experience in medicine were discussed.

Meeting with the delegation of Israel

Managers of Bangam company functioning in consulting and entrepreneurship forwarded a proposal to establish Farmers’ Academy in Uzbekistan. Training of Uzbekistan farmers by highly qualified specialists, exchange of rich experience in agriculture will become impetus for further development of the industry.

At the meeting, an agreement was reached on the implementation of joint projects in medicine. Proposals have been forwarded for exchange of students between Tashkent State Dental Institute and Israel’s School of Dental Medicine, including the fact that 10 Israel’s students in Tashkent, 10 Uzbekistan’s students in Israel could gain knowledge and experience.

Meeting with the delegation of Israel

Following the meeting, it was noted that efforts on strengthening ties with Israel partners will make an important contribution to strengthening Uzbekistan’s innovation ecosystem.