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12.06.2018 22:15

International lawyers to be trained

Prospects for the rule of law largely depend on the potential of legal personnel. Expanding international relations increase the need for international lawyers.

Special attention at Tashkent State University of Law is paid to radical improvement and enhancement of the efficiency of the training system. The main goal is to develop the ability of legal personnel to meet international standards and requirements of a rapidly changing labor market.

All this is achieved through careful mastering of foreign languages, modern knowledge and technologies. Most importantly, it is advisable to introduce an entirely new educational system aimed at developing the skills of applying legal norms in specific practical situations.

The most modern form of training is introduced at Tashkent State University of Law, that is, a system module that allows students to form independent thinking and analytical skills. Here the main attention is paid to independent preparation of students, formation of systematic, analytical and critical thinking, and skills of written speech.

In order to fulfill the tasks, the University staff conducted a large-scale work. In particular, preparation of qualified legal bachelors is carried out in five areas – “State legal activity”, “Civil law activity”, “Criminal law activity”, “International law activity” and “Entrepreneurial legal activity”.

Students, besides passing the practice, also replenish their experience without interruption from trainings in the state and economic management bodies, judicial and law enforcement bodies, lawyer offices.

International best practice is used, in particular, to determine the volume of a student's workload. According to international educational standards, the University's Master's program is one year. Training in such interdisciplinary specialties as Law and Business, Law and Information Technologies, Financial and Legal Monitoring is established.

International relations are of great importance in preparation of legal personnel at the level of international requirements. In this area, cooperation has been established with Boston College Law School of the United States, the German University of Administrative Sciences and the Research Institute for Public Administration, the French University of Toulouse 1 Capitol, the Russian State University of Justice, the Chinese Northwest, Northern, Shanghai universities of politics and law, Nagoya and Osaka, a number of international organizations.

There are 32 training centers and clubs aimed at organizing contented leisure of students, teaching foreign languages, raising oratory and intellectual potential.

Norgul Abduraimova, UzA
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