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International conference on mathematics

International conference on mathematics
Andijan State University hosted a scientific-practical conference on “Management, optimization and dynamic systems – CODS 2019”.

The event was attended by academics, professors of higher education institutions of Uzbekistan, as well as Russia and Malaysia, young scientists, talented students. It was noted that in recent years, Uzbekistan has been carrying out effective work on development of all sciences, training qualified specialists, wide use of international experience.


Views were exchanged on such issues as mathematical foundations of management and dynamic systems, optimization methods and achievements in this area, introduction of innovative and advanced developments in professional development of specialists, effectiveness of researches in this area.

Lectures were heard on such topics as management and dynamic systems, development of optimization methods and sciences of dynamic systems, improving the efficiency of researches carried out in this direction.


Participants expressed their opinions and suggestions on reports and researches within the framework of topics, improving the effectiveness of researches, practical implementation of scientific achievements, promotion of best practices.

Exhibitions of scientific researches of young scientists and talented students were organized within the framework of the conference.



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Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA