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01.05.2017 22:29

Innovative research laboratory

A republican educational practical seminar entitled “Innovative research laboratory” has been conducted at foreign languages boarding school No 1 in the town of Guliston.

The seminar arranged by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan was attended by the most advanced foreign language teachers from the city of Tashkent and the regions of Samarqand, Jizzakh and Sirdaryo with their teaching methods.

The director of a general education school specialising in foreign languages under the Ministry of Public Education and chairperson of the educational methodological council under this ministry, B.Rahimova, the chief of the public education directorate of Sirdaryo Region, A.Abdurahmonov, and others said that special attention being paid under the leadership of the President to further improving the education system and creating new technologies for young people at general education schools to learn foreign languages was giving good results.

At the seminar, talented foreign language teachers conducted open lessons on various themes.

“In accordance with a resolution dated 10 December 2012 of our country's First President on measures to further improve the system of learning foreign languages, special attention is being paid to the effectiveness of teaching foreign languages at all our educational establishments. This is of important significance to bringing up young people to be able to speak many foreign languages. This educational practical seminar made it possible to once again look at work that needs to be done in this sphere,” says She.Fayziyeva, director of foreign languages boarding school No 1 in the town of Guliston.

As part of the seminar there was an open dialogue on the teaching of foreign languages at general education schools, on things being required of teachers, on achievements being made and on shortcomings being observed.

Abdujalol Qayumov, UzA
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