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05.07.2017 19:53

Future cadets sit tests

Future cadets sit tests Future cadets have sat tests at the Chirchiq military tank command engineering higher school.

This year, 746 young people successfully passed the qualifying stages for entrance to this educational establishment.

“I thoroughly studied sciences in order to score high points in the tests. This year I graduated from the Samarqand military construction academic lyceum. I am proud that I have chosen the honourable profession of defending our Motherland’s peace and our people’s calm,” says Muzaffar Ibrohimov, a prospective student from Samarqand.

At this educational establishment, highly-qualified officers are trained in a number of specialities. All the necessary conditions have been created in its classrooms and sports complexes, and advanced information-communication technologies are used there. Innovative methods of education have been introduced in the higher school.

Under the leadership of the President, special attention is being paid to increasing cadets’ knowledge and raising their qualifications as military specialists.

At military higher educational establishments under the Defence Ministry of Uzbekistan, officers train in 28 specialities.

A.Musayev, photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA
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