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Education: Cooperation, practice and results

Education: Cooperation, practice and results
Bukhara State University is establishing contacts with a number of higher education institutions of the world. Among them is Japan’s Wakayama University.

A year ago, the Tourism Education and Research Center was organized at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism of one of the major education institutions of Bukhara in cooperation with Wakayama University.

All conditions are created for the activities of Tourism Education and Research Center at Bukhara State University. The rooms are equipped with the latest technical equipment within the framework of a project on improving the quality of education.

According to the agreement, professors and teachers of Wakayama University and a group of students visited Bukhara State University three times over the past year.

Communication with Japanese partners is conducted in English. In the short term, another means of communication may appear. In the second half of 2019/2020 academic year, some of the subjects for specialization for a selected separate group of first-year students are planned to be taught in Japanese.

It is also noteworthy that the organization of the Corner of Bukhara State University is planned at Wakayama University, where the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan and related tourism materials will be constantly demonstrated. Without a doubt, they will increase interest in a close acquaintance with Bukhara.

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Erkin Yadgarov, UzA