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20.06.2017 20:52

Diplomas awarded to medical specialists

Diplomas awarded to medical specialists The Tashkent medical academy trains personnel in such areas as medical treatment, medical teaching, medical prophylactics and nursing with a higher education degree. This year, 549 students have graduated from this higher educational establishment. At a ceremony held on this occasion, diplomas were awarded to these graduates.

Parents, veterans who worked in the medical sphere for so many years, professors and teachers attended the ceremony.

The rector of the Tashkent medical academy, L.Toychiyev; and others wished the new medical specialists good luck in their future work and said that they should spare no effort in protecting people’s health.

“In order to become a doctor, knowledge about this sphere and practical experience are not enough. Our main tasks are to be loyal to this profession and not to be indifferent to people’s medical problems but to provide the necessary medical treatment for patients whatever the situation,” says a graduate of the academy, H.Abduhalimova.

These young men and girls who have obtained higher education diplomas will start their work at rural medical stations, family polyclinics, prophylactic treatment facilities, emergency medical aid stations, medical associations, medical colleges, district, town, regional and republican centres for public and environmental health and scientific research centres.

Now prospective students are submitting documents to the Tashkent medical academy for the 2017-2018 academic year. What is different this year is that special quotas are allocated for regions and districts where there is a shortage of medical specialists.

Malohat Husanova, photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA
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