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10.08.2019 12:06:19

Welcome to the International Gastronomic Festival “Gastro Bazaar”

International Gastronomic Festival “Gastro Bazaar” in Tashkent continues. The festival, organized by the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Tashkent city khokimiyat, is held in Sayilgoh Street (Broadway).

The event is organized to promote gastronomic potential of Uzbekistan on an international scale, develop cooperation, demonstrate the tourism image and attractive tourism destinations of Uzbekistan to the world.

Today gastronomic tourism is recognized as an actively developing direction in the global tourism market. In general, gastronomic tourism accounts for 30 percent of the total income of the tourism industry, and this figure is increasing.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, 79 percent of tourists make a travel plan after studying the schedule of gastronomic events and features of local cuisine. According to studies, every third tourist considers the national cuisine of the country where he is going to travel as motivation for tourism, and spends about 30 percent of the total cost for food.

Cooks of famous restaurants, coffee houses, canteens of Uzbekistan and foreign countries are attending the First International Gastronomic Festival “Gastro Bazaar 2019”.

The festival will continue until August 11.