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Uzbekistan Youth Orchestra wins International Music Festival in Moscow

Uzbekistan Youth Orchestra wins International Music Festival in Moscow
Moscow hosted the XII International Military Music Festival Spasskaya Tower, which brought together representatives of various nations and nationalities.

During the festival, special attention was paid to children, their talent was widely demonstrated. The main goal of the project Spasskaya Tower for children is popularization of wind musical instruments among all segments of population and wide promotion of their rich history.

Until now, the program involved orchestras and musical groups from different regions of the Russian Federation. This year, along with 23 Russian musical teams, 3 foreign orchestras, including an orchestra from Uzbekistan, demonstrated their creative talents at the festival.

Youth Brass Band of the Republican Specialized Musical Academic Lyceum of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan attended the international festival in Moscow for the first time.

The repertoire of this orchestra includes more than 100 works of various genres, including anthems, marches and fanfares, jazz compositions, folk and even author's works. The youth orchestra is the winner of a number of international and national competitions.

Each group was awarded with diploma at the festival.

Following the event, an excursion was organized for Uzbekistan Youth Orchestra to the Kremlin Palace, Alexander Garden, Moscow Central Zoo, Museum of Moscow Presidential Cadet School named after Mikhail Sholokhov Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

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