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25.02.2019 21:34:13

Uzbekistan Song and Dance Ensemble celebrates its 80th Anniversary

A concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Uzbekistan Song and Dance Ensemble's establishment took place in Turkiston Palace, in Tashkent. The event, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the State Philharmonic of Uzbekistan, was attended by representatives of ministries and agencies, creative organizations, art fans.

Uzbekistan Song and Dance Ensemble is one of outstanding art collectives of the country. National music, vocals, dance art, promotion of schools and traditions in these areas, further strengthening of national values has an important place in activity of this ensemble, created under the guidance of famous composer Tukhtasin Jalilov.

At the same time, the ensemble pays special attention to popularization of traditional song art. Since 1968, performing under the name “Shodlik” (Joy), it won the sympathy of art lovers.

The talented choreographers Isakhar Akilov, Akbar Muminov, Shokir Akhmedov contributed to development of the ensemble’s creative activity. The musical program with participation of the team was demonstrated in different countries of the world with great success.

Since 1997, this group has become known as Uzbekistan Song and Dance Ensemble.

At the concert, a bright and unique musical program, performed by Uzbekistan Song and Dance Ensemble, was presented.