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08.05.2018 22:54

Uzbekistan in my heart

His photographs are distinguished by simplicity, sincerity and realism. Visitors of the photo exhibition "Uzbekistan in my heart", organized at Tashkent House of Photography of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, can see it.

At the exhibition, you can become familiar with photographs of photographer Victor Svarichevsky timed to the Day of Memory and Honor.

V. Svarichevsky was born in 1941 in Tashkent in doctors’ family. For many years, Viktor Vladimirovich worked in leading mass media and gained authority among workers in the sphere as an operational and professional photojournalist. His creative works are very popular and have documentary character.

The works of V.Svarichevsky reflect real reflection of work and life of workers and dehkans, intellectuals, veterans of the Second World War. As a master of artistic photography, he created complex composite angles and solutions on various subjects, in different genres and stories. His skill was especially brightly manifested in black and white photographs, where he skillfully used the play of light and shadows, foreshortening and facial expressions, plastics and lines.

He remained faithful to his profession until the end of his life. Works of the master such as "Father", "Near the Master", "Girl", "Gardener", "Rest", "Meeting", "Mood", "Lunch in the Field", "Around Friends", portrait shots are especially memorable.

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