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Uzbek food to be included on Indian restaurants menu

Uzbek food to be included on Indian restaurants menu
Uzbek Food Festival, organized by the State Committee for Tourism Development and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in India, has kicked off within the framework of Surajkund Mela Festival, in India.

The opening ceremony of the festival was attended by representatives of foreign embassies and consulates in India.

Uzbek cuisine and a concert program organized by Bukhara artists aroused great interest among representatives of leading travel companies, hotels and restaurants of India.


The participants highly appreciated the Uzbek cuisine and made suggestions for expanding Uzbek cuisine in India and including our national dishes on the Indian restaurants menu. 

Uzbek Food Festival is being held at The Societe restaurant in India. The CEO of the restaurant, Praveen Nayyer, noted that he would undoubtedly include Uzbek food on the menu.

Famous chefs from Bukhara region Bobur Samatov, Bobur Turdiyev, Manuchekhr Saidov and Sanjar Musinov are holding master classes on cooking Uzbek dishes.

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