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Treasures of Ancient Transoxiana

Treasures of Ancient Transoxiana
Treasures of Ancient Transoxiana Exhibition has kicked off at Miho Museum in Kyoto.

Curator, Head of Research at Miho Museum Inagaki Hajime addressed the opening ceremony of the event.

On behalf of the World Society for the Study, Preservation and Popularization of the Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan and the project “Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world”, the museum was presented with a set of 10 album books and another one dedicated to the treasures of Central Asia in the collections of Japan.

The participants got acquainted with the special exposition opened on the occasion of the media event “Uzbekistan and Japan on the Great Silk Road” at Miho Museum.

After visiting the exhibition, guests were shown videos about Central Asian art objects stored in museums of Japan.

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Rustam Jabbarov, UzA