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14.08.2014 14:16

Traditional Youth Festival “Children of Independence” Underway in Tashkent

Traditional Youth Festival “Children of Independence” Underway in Tashkent Dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of our country’s independence, the traditional youth festival “Children of Independence” has kicked off in the capital city.

The festival is organized by the Kamolot Youth Social Movement jointly with ministries of Higher and Secondary Special Education and Public Education. Having arrived from various regions of the country, laureates of Zulfiya State Prize, holders of badge “Uzbekiston Belgisi” (Sign of Uzbekistan), winners of international science Olympiads, sporting competitions, contests and the active youths are taking part in the event.

Wide-ranging works and efforts are in progress under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to nurture the younger generation in the spirit of devotion to the ideas of national independence, to encourage the youths on the way to secure the development of the country, to consolidate the sense of involvement in their minds to the fate of the Motherland and confidence in the future.

One of those events is the festival “Children of Independence” held under a motto “I Love You, You Are Dear to Me, My Native Uzbekistan!”

Participants of the festival visited the central square of the country and laid wreaths to the Monument of Independence and Humanism, which is a symbol of our freedom, bright future and noble aspirations.

“I am glad that I have stood at the Independence Square along with the happy youth of our nation,” says the winner of show contest “Yurt Kelajagi-2013” (Future of the Native Land) Iftikhor Kholkhojaev from Navoi. “This plaza, which has become a symbol of glory and pride of the country and national statehood, as well as the Statue of Happy Mother, the Arc of Kind and Gracious Aspirations are a brilliant reflection of the consolidation of our independence, of the rise in the level of wellbeing of the people and country.”

The festival itinerary also included a visit to the Marifat Markazi (Enlightenment Center) Complex that incorporates the Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan and the Palace of Symposiums. The Complex, embodying the traditions of national architecture art and the modern style, and standing in an area adjacent to the country’s principal square, constitutes an integrated composition with magnificent buildings like the Youth Creativity Palace, the Gallery of Fine Arts, and the Poytakht Business Center.

“We’ve admired the beauty and design of the Palace of Symposiums,” the Jasorat (Valor) Medal holder Oybek Ismailov from Sirdarya Region shares his impressions. “Outfitted with modern information and communication technologies, the National Library of Uzbekistan is a bright sample of great opportunities created in our country for fostering a comprehensively advanced young generation. The Library enjoys cooperation with renowned libraries of more than ten countries, including Germany, United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Russia. The readers have opportunity to use – free of charge – such international academic and research sources as EBSCO Publishing, Oxford University, JSTOR, Aluka, Emerald Springer, Cambridge Journals Online, among others. We the young generation should deserve this attention and care and be grateful to live in a peaceful and comfortable country.”

At the event that took place at the Turin Polytechnic University, Chairman of the Central Council of the Kamolot Youth Social Movement Bahodir Ghaniev and other speakers noted that the results of the youth policy pursued under the leadership of our country’s President are manifest in the triumphs reached by our young men and women in diverse spheres. This is indicative of the aspiration of the youths to deserve the attention and care provided for them. It is also suggestive of the sense of gratefulness for the fact that they are the children of a free and prosperous nation.

“The peace and stability and the prosperous life reigning in the country is an important factor in the realization of all our gracious ends,” asserts the student of Tashkent Medical Academy, holder of the Shuhrat (Glory) Medal Biloliddin Sharofiddinov. “The works carried out in Uzbekistan to bring up a generation second to no one fills our hearts with a sense of pride, inspires us to be even more active and make successes in various areas.”

As part of the festival, the participants enjoyed a gala concert at the Turkiston Palace on August 12 with celebrity singers and young performers.

Various events of the youth festival are to continue through to August 15.

UzA, Dilshod Karimov, photo by Alo Abdullaev
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