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09.02.2019 18:00

Tour to Amir Temur Museum

Tour to Amir Temur Museum
Participants of the info tour to Shakhrisabz visited the Amir Temur Museum.

There are 14 departments in the thousand-square museum. 6 of them are in scientific research area.

Tour to Amir Temur MuseumMuseum exposition is located in the building created in 19th century of the Chubin mosque complex and in the terrase of mosque. The exposition shows a period of the 1st town and 1st Homo sapiens of Central Asia and development period untill 14th century.

The exposition also includes the Temurids’ dynasty period, art of architectural monuments’ decoration in the Temurids’ epoch, recoveries of mosaic and majolica, painted earthenware crockery of Temurids’ period and Shakhrisabz ethnography, as well as an overall model of the town of Temurids’ epoch.

There are architectural decorations, beautiful doors in the style of wood engraving, common utensils which really reflected the Renaissance period of the Central Asia of the Temurids’ epoch in the museum fund.

There are also ideogram scripts on the earthenware crockery found in Podayotoktepa, in the museum, exponats on Kufiy script on the earthenware crockery.

Arabic writing development became a reason of appearing new styles in the early 10th century. Those styles were based on Kufiy style and were of 6 types. The museum collection also contains the book art of the Middle Ages.

The info tour continues.

Tour to Amir Temur Museum

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