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17.06.2019 13:46:00

Tokyo premiered Japan/Uzbekistan film

The Euro Space Theater in Tokyo and Kinocinema Yokohama in Yokohama held premiere of a joint Uzbek-Japanese feature film “To the Ends of the Earth”.

The film was written and directed by world-renowned filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa with the assistance of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development, NA Uzbekkino and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan.

The events were attended by the film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, famous Japanese actress, playing the leading role in the film, Atsuko Maeda, the Tourism Brand Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Japan, other Japanese actors, and Uzbek actor Adiz Rajabov, who played one of the leading roles.

To The Ends of the Earth tells the story of a young Japanese woman named Yoko who, along with her small TV crew, is in Uzbekistan to shoot the latest segment of the lighthearted travel variety show she hosts. Despite the program’s globe-trotting profile, Yoko has an overly-cautious nature not unlike many Japanese people of her generation. The cultural and personal episodes Yoko experiences throughout her journey change her outlook on life. 

Atsuko Maeda noted that thanks to her participation in the joint Uzbek-Japanese project she learned about the attractiveness of Uzbekistan, hospitality, rich culture and traditions of Uzbek people.