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02.08.2019 19:24:36

Surkhandarya's artisans are getting ready for the International Handicrafters Festival

Surkhandarya's artisans are actively preparing for the International Handicrafters Festival to be held on September 10-15, in Kokand.

Currently, over 1,300 artisans of the region have passed state registration and are working effectively for developing more than twenty types of national handicrafts.

More than sixty artisans of the region will attend the festival. It is noteworthy that most of them are young people.

Madina Kudratova from Baysun district, who is engaged in national handicrafts, is one of the young masters who seek to exalt our national values. The young skilled craftswoman, who will turn 25 this year, will present embroideries at the festival that reflect the picturesque nature of the mountainous region, ancient handmade carpets, and products made from janda fabric, which has long been the property of Baysun people.