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14.02.2017 20:11

Significance of Bobur’s heritage

These days literary and artistic evenings and round-table conversations are being held in all the regions of the country on the occasion of the 534th birth anniversary of Muhammad Bobur.

A video dialogue has been arranged at the initiative of the Higher and Secondary Special Education Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the subject of “The significance of Muhammad Bobur’s heritage in bringing up a generation that have high morality and are well in every respect”.

The video dialogue was attended by scholars in the field of literature, poets and writers, representatives of the culture and art spheres, professors and teachers of higher education establishments and students.

It was noted during the video dialogue that Muhammad Bobur’s works had raised the culture and artistic thinking of not only Uzbek people but also that of peoples of the East to a new level. The study of Bobur’s works prompts people, especially young people, to do something good and to love the Motherland.

In Bobur’s works, such things as love for the Motherland and awareness of its incomparable wealth and greatness and the issue of bringing up people to be well in every respect are depicted skilfully. During the event, speeches were heard on work being carried out in the area of promoting Bobur’s heritage and on the role of ideas contained in the great thinker’s works in bringing up young people.

“The poet’s precious works about history, linguistics, law, music and geography give us invaluable information about our ancient history and are an important source for us to appreciate our national identity and culture. `Boburnoma’ has been translated into more than thirty languages and published. This alone shows that people all over the world like this great scholar’s works,” says professor Zulhumor Holmonova of the Alisher Navoiy Uzbek Language and Literature State University of Tashkent.

During the event, interesting information was given about Bobur’s life and creative work. Its participants expressed their opinions on patriotic ideas, beautiful conduct visions and educational issues promoted in his works.

Students read out some of Bobur’s poems.

Azima Qiyosova, UzA
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