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01.02.2018 21:47

“Sabot” will be presented at Moscow International Film Festival

Moscow International film festival will be held on April19-26, this year. The film “Sabot” (Resistance), created by Uzbek cinematographers will also be presented at this prestigious film festival.

This feature film, directed by Rashid Malikov was presented by Center for Development of Cinematography at many foreign festivals.

The “Sabot” shot by the order of Uzbekkino National Agency tells about events of the 1980s, years before Uzbekistan’s independence, fate of Karakalpak guy, former soldier-internationalist. The main characters of the film are actors Karim Mirkhodiyev, Seydulla Moldakhanov,Bekhzod Khamroyev, Nigora Karimboyeva,Zulkhumor Muminova.

Mokhigul Kosimova,UzA
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