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17.10.2017 16:56

Russian film week has started in Tashkent

Russian film week has started in Tashkent The opening ceremony of the week was held at the Palace of Youth Creativity.

The event, organized by “Uzbekkino” National Agency jointly with the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, the Center for the Development of Cinematography and a number of other organizations, was attended by cinematographers, art critics, students, representatives of Russian cinematography.

The main goal of the week is further strengthening of relations in the sphere of cinematography, creating favorable conditions for the mutual exchange of opinions and experiences.

Russian film week has started in Tashkent

The films, which will be presented within the framework of the week at the Palace of Youth Creativity, are selected taking into account the diverse audience and their interests. So, for example, the film “Korobka” (“Box”) tells about complex psychological relations between young people, and “Ogni bolshoi derevni” (“The lights of a big village”) film, shot in the comedy genre, tells about the ambitions of a young director. “Tali and Toli” film is full of bright shots, enlightening episodes, devoted to kindness, friendship and love. The “Nakhodka” (“Trouvaille”), shot in a complex dramatic genre, “Yedinichka” (“One”), which tells about the events of the Second World War, as well as “Lyrisms” film that is about the sincere and bright feelings of young people, will not leave the audience indifferent. Creative meetings, master classes for students will be held within the framework of the week.

The Russian film week began with the presentation of “Box” film.

Nazokat Usmanova, photos by Okil Gulamov, UzA
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