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06.07.2017 17:57

Melodies of the world will be sounding in Registon

The 11th “Sharq Taronalari (Melodies of the East)” international music festival will be conducted in Samarqand this year.

This biennial festival was first held in the year 1997. The prestige of this music festival is growing as it serves to preserve and develop the national music and songs of peoples of the world and to promote beauty, elegance and goodness.

This is evident in the facts that representatives from all the continents of the globe participate in the festival and that their ranks are growing with every passing year.

In the first “Sharq Taronalari” festival, artistes from 31 countries of the world participated, whereas in the tenth festival in the year 2015, representatives from 67 countries of the world participated.

These days, Samarqand is getting ready to host the 11th international music festival. There are 18 working groups, and they are engaged in decorating the city’s streets and ensuring the provision of high quality services for guests. The regional hokimiyat’s (the regional governorate’s) headquarters are giving them the necessary help and advice in dealing with issues relating to the conduct of the festival.

The main stage of the festival has been set up in the Registon square. Measures are being taken at the Mirzo Ulughbek madrasah, the Samarqand centre of craftsmanship and museums in the city to arrange exhibitions of photographs about the history of the festival, national musical instruments, historical clothes, works of visual and applied arts and items of national craftsmanship.

The necessary conditions are being created in parks of culture and recreation and children’s schools of music and art in the city of Samarqand and Oqdaryo, Urgut, Tayloq, Samarqand, Jomboy, Pastdarghom and Payariq Districts so that participants in the festival can give concert programmes outside the framework of the festival.

“Restaurants and cafes will be providing guests with services up to international standards,” says D.Berdiqulov, deputy chief of the Samarqand Regional directorate of the state committee for tourism development.

Using experience of the past years, professors, teachers and students of Samarqand’s state institute of foreign languages will be working as translators for guests and participants in the festival.

Gholib Hasanov, UzA
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