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06.04.2017 01:05

Meeting held with creative workers of the Jahon Adabiyoti magazine

A meeting has been held with creative workers and authors of the Jahon Adabiyoti (world literature) magazine at the Alisher Navoiy Tashkent state Uzbek language and literature university.

The rector of the university, Sh.Sirojiddinov; a doctor of philology, professor U.Normatov; Uzbekistan people’s writer, E.Azam; and others said that the establishment of the Jahon Adabiyoti magazine, which is a fruit of independence, played a big role in presenting the most beautiful works of world literature to the country’s people, enriching young people’s morality, heightening their interest in book reading and in bringing up young people in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland and national values and values common to all mankind.

At the initiative of the country’s First President, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued a resolution on 27 February 1997 to establish this magazine. Over the past period of time, hundreds of works of world literature written by famous writers were published in it.

This publication makes a contribution to developing the Uzbek school of translation, helping young translators realize their potential and enriching Uzbek literature with new creative experience. To date, more than 100 novels, nearly 200 essays, more than 1000 stories and novelettes and nearly 500 philosophical scientific-theoretical articles have been published.

“Under the management of prominent scholar Ozod Sharafiddinov, 100 editions of the magazine were issued. His service was incomparable in the magazine’s playing its role in the country’s social and moral life and in founding a school of translation in its editorial office. Today this tradition is continued, and works of literature that have a good influence on the literature sphere are presented to readers. In the editorial office, good work is also done on the propagation of Alisher Navoiy’s works. In this magazine, we presented works of such representatives of world literature as Jaloliddin Rumiy, Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy and Jean Jacques Rousseau,” says the chief editor of the Jahon Adabiyoti magazine, Sh.Rizayev.

At the event, there was an exchange of opinions on further improving the magazine and on achievements and endeavour in this area.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA
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