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India publishes a book about pilgrimage tourism in Uzbekistan

India publishes a book about pilgrimage tourism in Uzbekistan
The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Delhi jointly with the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan published a book “Journey to Uzbekistan – the birthplace of Amir Temur” in Urdu, telling about rich potential of Uzbekistan in pilgrimage tourism.

The author of the book is the head of Delhi Bureau of popular Urdu newspaper “Inqilab” Mumtaz Alam.

Mumtaz Alam tells about such historical cities as Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Termez. He devoted separate sections of the book to Islamic shrines of Uzbekistan. In particular, the author informs readers about Khazrati Imam complex, where one of the most valuable relics of Islam – Osman’s Quran is kept, as well as memorial centers of Bakhauddin Naqshbandi in Bukhara and Imam Bukhari in Samarkand.

It was noted that Imam Bukhari – the author of Sahih-hadiths – enjoys great respect and honor throughout the Islamic world.

In turn, Bakhauddin Naqshbandi is the founder of Sufi direction of Naqshbandi, which is also widespread in South Asia.

The author emphasizes the huge contribution of Imam Bukhari, Bakhauddin Naqshbandi, Imam Termizi, other scientists and thinkers of Uzbekistan people to development of world civilization.

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