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06.09.2018 00:58

Famous star on stage in Uzbekistan

Famous star on stage in Uzbekistan
Large-scale activities are being carried out in Uzbekistan to introduce youth to the best examples of national and world classical music. One of the events in this direction took place in “Uzbekiston” International Forums Palace.

The charity concert program was performed by Uzbekistan Youth Symphony Orchestra with violinist and composer from the United Kingdom Vanessa-May. The event was attended by youth, music fans, cultural and art figures, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan, international organizations, various ministries and agencies, and the general public.

Art lovers are well aware of this creative team, which performs with programs together with world-famous conductors, musicians, opera singers. A big event in the cultural life of the country became another concert, organized jointly with a musician from the United Kingdom Vanessa-May.

Vanessa-May Vanacorne Nicholson was born in 1978 in Singapore. A violinist living in the United Kingdom is also a composer and singer, is fond of skiing. She is known mainly thanks to the techno-processing of classical compositions. Famous works of such great composers as Mozart, Vivaldi, Paganini, Beethoven, Bach, Verdi, after her processing acquire a completely new sound, melody and attraction. After listening to her performances, you begin to understand the magic and grandeur of music, which cannot be expressed in words. Vanessa-May’s albums have received high recognition from art lovers.

At the musical evening, excerpts from the works of Uzbek and world composers were performed by the Youth Symphony Orchestra and Vanessa-May.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA