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08.02.2017 20:20

Exhibition entitled “Literary masters” opened in capital city

Exhibition entitled “Literary masters” opened in capital city Alisher Navoiy and Muhammad Bobur are big representatives of Uzbek classic literature. Their great literary heritage serves as an important source for studying Uzbek literature, art and history. Therefore, research into the lives and creative work of Navoiy and Bobur is always in the centre of attention of scholars, writers, poets and artists.

The opening of the exhibition entitled “Literary masters” in the Kamoliddin Behzod memorial park – museum of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan on the occasion of birth anniversaries of Alisher Navoiy and Muhammad Bobur is also an example of this.

During the event, it was especially emphasized that the timeless heritages of Navoiy and Bobur and their deeply philosophical poetry were also a rich source of artistic inspiration for representatives of visual arts.

“Navoiy and Bobur made a worthy contribution not only to Uzbek literature but also to the development of Eastern miniature art. These great people’s services were incomparable in the emergence of great painter Kamoliddin Behzod. And so, these great thinkers’ philosophy is the main principle in works of art of painters today. This is clear to see in works of art of such renowned painters as Ch.Ahmarov, M.Nabiyev, S.Abdullayev, A.Nur, R.Khudoyberganov, R.Rizomuhamedov and B.Mahkamov. These works of art are on display at the exhibition,” says a well-known painter, T.Sadullayev.

At the exhibition, more than thirty works of art such as “Alisher Navoiy in Samarqand”, “Farhod and Shirin”, “Bahrom in a green castle”, “Beverage and a flute”, “Portrait of Muhammad Bobur”, “Kamolliddin Behzod at work” and “Remembering Bobur” are displayed for people interested in visual arts.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA

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