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21.04.2017 00:13

Exhibition by masters and apprentices opens as part of week of visual art

Exhibition by masters and apprentices opens as part of week of visual art Artists’ mastery is their ability to depict the landscape in all its splendour and to make viewers marvel at it. This is confirmed again at an exhibition entitled “Flight to skies - II. A portrayal of the native land and people”.

As part of the festival of visual and applied arts being conducted by the Art Academy, this exhibition was arranged in the Uzbekistan visual art gallery. There are so many young people, foreign guests and art enthusiasts looking at pictures there.

At the exhibition, works of art by Professor Akmal Ikromjonov, people’s artist of Uzbekistan and academician of the Art Academy, and works by his trainees are displayed. This artist teaches students at the national institute of art and design named after Kamoliddin Behzod, and he is making a good contribution to the development of young talents.

“The depiction of modernity is the most complex process. In this process, artists should be able to foresee that their pictures will stand the test of time. Participants in the exhibition were inspired by the mastery of their teachers,” says Avazbek Nasriddinov, a masters degree student of the national institute of art and design.

Those who come to the exhibition may view works by A.Ikromjonov and his trainees, Ilhom Otaboyev, Erkin Bozorov, Hurshid Ibrohimov, Sardor Allaberganov, Farruh Ahmadaliyev and Saidbek Sobirboyev.

Nazokat Usmonova, photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA
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