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“Dream”: new areas of handicraft

“Dream”: new areas of handicraft
When you walk around the town of artisans in Urda Square, you become witnesses of a real miracle created by artisans.

230 artisans from Fergana region are presenting their products at the exhibition organized here. Atlas, adras, silk carpets, pottery, engraving attract the attention of foreigners. In recent years, new areas of handicraft appear. Five souvenir ships with white sails made by craftsmen from Bagdad district Bakhtiyor Shermatov and Mirzaolim Tursunov are greatly admired.

“We called the ship with white sails “Dream”. Its creation requires a lot of attention and patience. It takes four months to build one ship, which is mainly made from walnut. Our souvenir products are of interest to hotels, restaurants and other organizations, as well as foreigners”, says B. Shermatov.

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