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14.05.2018 20:49

Do not part with your loved ones!

The premiere of the play staged according to the play by the famous Russian playwright A.Volodin "Do not part with your loved ones" was held in the State Theater of Satire of Uzbekistan.

The drama, staged by the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Valikhon Umarov, tells about the destruction of families because of everyday troubles, omissions and misunderstandings. The play shows the judicial divorce proceedings, during which the fate of heroes and families is revealed.

The play, called to remind of sanctity of family ties, serves a good purpose – preventing divorces in young families, it not only gives spiritual food to the audience, but also encourages young people to take more seriously their family values and obligations, and to life in general.

Inobat Akhatova, UzA
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