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16.02.2017 19:45

Display of friendship and cooperation

Display of friendship and cooperation Artistes of Kyrgyzstan’s Osh state Uzbek-language academic musical drama theatre named after Muhammad Bobur have made a visit to Farghona Region, eastern Uzbekistan.

The theatre’s staff acquainted themselves with great construction work being carried out in this region. They visited tourist attractions in the town of Farghona, its water sport palace and Istiqlol stadium, which had been built recently, and found these to be impressive.

Their meeting at the Farghona art college was rich in sincere dialogues. There are 495 boys and girls studying at this art college in 7 areas of national and world arts. There are prize winners of local and international contests among those college students. Artistes of the theatre gave young people information about their repertoire and their future artistic plans. Melodies and songs about friendship, peace and the Motherland were performed.

“This artistic visit is unforgettable. The changes and construction and improvement work in Farghona Region evoked a feeling of admiration in us. All these are results of peace and calm in Uzbekistan. We are glad that the play performed by our artistic group was met with an ovation by spectators. Such meetings give artistes inspiration,” says Idris Aytbayev, deputy director of the Osh state Uzbek-language academic musical drama theatre.

Farghona Region’s Kyrgyz cultural centre is working fruitfully. Its “Suluv Qiz (pretty girl)” ensemble is widely propagating national traditions and values.

A play entitled “Aykul Manas” based on Jalil Siddiqov’s work was performed by the Osh theatre’s artistes in the theatre-concert palace named after Islam Karimov.

The event was attended by A.Ikromov, a deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan; and J.Razakov, a deputy prime minister of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, photo by Mukimjon Kodirov, UzA
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