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Different vision of life

Different vision of life
Photography House in Tashkent hosted an exhibition of artistic works of young and perspective artist Avaz Abduraimov named "Onglamagan".

As is known, 30 percent of Uzbekistan's population are people aged between 14 and 30. The Head of the country had forwarded five initiatives on organization of social, spiritual and enlightenment activity on a new system. Therefore, youths' interest and enthusiasm to music, art and literature are widely promoted. 

Majority exhibitions of artists are being held throughout the country these days. In one of the such amazing events, Avaz Abduraimov shared his works and gung-ho eyes were offered a chance to take a look differently into life. Within four years of education at the National Institute of Art and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod, he got valuable lessons from his teachers. His interest to painting started in his child years but intention to paint began while he was studying at the institute. He experienced himself in many sorts of painting but finally decided to illustrate his inner world through paintings. His works are considered as "Illustration of state".


In fact numerous styles of painting have been existing since the mid 20th century when avant-gard painters appeared. Hence, it seems so unique that paintings can be interpreted with imagination and outlook.

According to A.Abduraimov: "Mistaken opinions do not exist. There are opinions that just do not fit with ours".

Shortly, his priceless works make a human being, with the own different vision, think about global issues concerning the ecology, humans' life and so on.



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Rano Shoazizova, UzA