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31.08.2018 12:39

Demonstration of applied art

Demonstration of applied art
“Art Living in the Ages” exhibition, organized by the Exhibition of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan, “Hunarmand” Association and the Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, presents works of applied art.

National applied art of Uzbekistan is characterized by unique traditions and artistic styles. This attracts attention of foreign tourists. Especially great interest is shown in artistic ceramics, gold embroidery, painting.

The Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Uzbekistan is one of the active promoters of Uzbek applied art. Cultural values of people of the two countries are very similar. In particular, arts and crafts, embroidery, ivory and wood carving is developed in Bangladesh since ancient times.

Works reflecting the harmony of national and modern art, works of the best masters are exhibited at the exhibition.

Master classes were held with participation of well-known artists and masters of applied art, Bengali and Uzbek national costumes were demonstrated. 

Mokhigul Kosimova, UzA
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