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20.04.2018 12:35

Dedicated to folklore and ethnography

Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture hosted a scientific practical conference on current issues of development of folklore and ethnography.

Reports were heard on recommendations for teaching the basics of folklore in children’s schools of music and art, oral, folk, traditional, collective folklore performances, preservation of diversity and variability, Uzbek folk songs, their history, important features of folklore, intangible cultural heritage, attention to these spheres in the education system.

Folklore works differ from other types of art by certain features. Fundamentals of folklore are based on aesthetic perception of the past. Oral and written monuments of travelers and historians of the ancient world about legends, various rituals and ceremonies are important for folklore studies and ethnography. Therefore, important role is played by the study of this sphere, bringing it to future generations.

A peculiar feature of this scientific practical conference is that professors and teachers, academicians talked about scientific studies of young researchers, only those related to this sphere, the results they have achieved, explained what should be paid attention to when carrying out research and scientific works.

Performances of folklore and ethnographic groups “Uzbekoyim”, “Nodirabegim”, “Ezoz” once again demonstrated the peculiar features of each region in this art form.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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