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Calligraphy secrets

Calligraphy secrets
International Caravanserai of Culture named after Ikuo Hirayama of Uzbekistan Arts Academy hosts a personal exhibition of Japanese calligrapher Yoshiko Yoshida “Secrets of calligraphy”.

The exhibition presents her best and famous calligraphic works.

Yoshiko Yoshida was born in 1959. Between the ages of 7 and 18 she studied calligraphy under Komatsu Shoin in Nara. In 2000, she continued to learn calligraphy again under the guidance of Sasano Shukyo. She joined as a member the "Bokushou-kai" organization founded in 1963 by Shukyo. Every year, she participated in the exhibitions of Shukyo Sasano who was a great calligrapher, one of the leaders of Mainichi Calligraphy Organization.

She presents personal exhibitions of calligraphy in many countries.

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