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17.06.2019 12:52:16

Brussels hosts International Colloquium

Brussels hosts International Colloquium “Culture for the Future: Creativity, Innovation and Dialogue for Inclusive Development”, at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts.

About 400 cultural workers from various countries, including Asia, Africa and Latin America, are taking part at the event. Traditions of Uzbek people and their culture are represented by a member of the Association of Artists of Uzbekistan, photographer Husniddin Ato.

The colloquium aims at jointly comprehending the role and importance of culture in the context of international cooperation.

The colloquium covers such areas as cultural industry, new opportunities for job creation and inclusion, financing problems, market access, influence and opportunities of the digital revolution, transition to multicultural and open societies.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels organizes a photo exhibition of works of artist Husniddin Ato.