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Boundless creativity of Navoi

Boundless creativity of Navoi
Uzbekistan Writers Union hosted a creative meeting with the Chief of the Department of Turkology of Baku State University, Professor, winner of International Babur Prize Ramiz Asker.

Ramiz Asker translated Alisher Navoi's “Hamsa” into Azerbaijani in three years. Before that, “Farhad and Shirin” was translated into Azerbaijani on the basis of syllabic system. And the scientist translated the entire work in a poetic form and on the basis of aruz system. Notes and comments are given for each poem.

Ramiz Asker, who arrived in Uzbekistan on the eve of the 579th anniversary of Alisher Navoi’s birth, attended events dedicated to this date. The scientist was deeply impressed by significant work carried out in Uzbekistan on developing spirituality and literature.

Ramiz Asker has been researching Uzbek classical literature for many years, including Alisher Navoi’s works. He regularly attends conferences dedicated to the great ancestor. In 2009, he translated “Anthology of Uzbek poetry of the 20th century”, in 2011, diwans of Hussein Baykara, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur and his “Baburname” into Azerbaijani.

Ramiz Asker, who immensely admires Alisher Navoi’s works and makes a huge contribution to promotion of his heritage in Azerbaijan, is also an honorary citizen of the city of Navoi.

Information has been provided about Alisher Navoi's “Hamsa” translated into Azerbaijani. Ramiz Asker has been awarded a certificate of honorary membership in Uzbekistan Writers Union and a certificate of honor.

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Nazokat Usmanova, UzA