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Beyoung – inspiration of youth

Beyoung – inspiration of youth
Beyoung is a presentation of art works created from ordinary fabrics, fur and even cellophane. Each of them has the light and inspiration of youth, young designers’ ideas.

The competition, held within the framework of Fashion Week, once again proved that there are no boundaries for creative fantasies. New creative ideas, creative developments that do not repeat each other is a clear evidence of this.

About 500 designers with almost a hundred designs attended the qualifying stages of the competition. The jury selected 28 collections of 58 participants. These collections include 252 different costumes.

Students of Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry Risolat Khusanova and Shokhida Ubaydullayeva presented a collection created on the basis of artificial fur for the competition.

On the second day of the Fashion Week, Dina Saifi from Uzbekistan and Lian Cara Paulson from the United Kingdom held their master-classes. Istora Irgasheva and Sugar Plum Couture also held demonstrations.

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Feruza Mirzakomilova, UzA