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05.07.2018 22:31

“Avalanche” is awarded a special diploma

“Avalanche” is awarded a special diploma

Collective of Samarkand regional theater of musical drama successfully participated with the play “Kuchki” (“Avalanche”) in VI Samgau International Theater Festival, in Astana. Following the festival, the theater collective was awarded a special diploma named after the national hero of Kazakhstan A.Mambetov.

The work was staged by the director Valikhon Umarov. The premiere of the play took place on June 28, 2017 and was very warmly received by spectators and specialists of theatrical art.

Events of the play take place in a village surrounded by majestic mountains. Here the locals speak in a whisper, they do not laugh loudly. Try not to make noise. Because any sound waves can cause an avalanche. This situation continues for nine months... and people can raise their voices only three months, hold weddings and other events... This play is important because it encourages people not to be indifferent to global environmental problems, to be resolute and resistant.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA
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